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How Do You Write A Text Response Essay On The Kite Runner?

One of the greatest things about writing a paper on a modern work of fiction is that you get to analyse the contemporary situations and present circumstances, something that is not possible when writing on texts that were written in another time. If you have read the Kite Runner, you will understand a lot about the contemporary society and how it was affected by radicalization.

When writing a text response essay on the Kite Runner, you will need a combination of critical and appreciative skills at your disposal. While there are not many people that come across with such novels every day, people like Hosseini do. Here are a few things to brood over.

The changing landscape of south-east Asia

The backdrop of the story is the south Asian country of Afghanistan. While things seem normal at the forefront, it is just about to experience something from which it will never recover. This is when the landscape of the land will change, several families will be affected and forced to relocate. Several casualties are also to follow.

Defunct governmental agencies

The novel is a classic example of what can happen to a society where governmental bodies go defunct. Depending on how the people of the country perceived this, those in the government lost all powers and sometime lives as well.

The multi-layered conflicts of the story

The conflicts in the story thrive at every level. Some critics believe that there is at least one new conflict in every chapter of the story. You may get online help at this website to learn more about these conflicts present across the length and breadth of the story.

Fringe elements in the society

The societal fringe elements receive a lot of exposure in the novel. The novelist presents a very neat case where such people emerge from the same society and in this case from the same school.

Radicalization of youth

The radicalization of the youth of the country was carried out at a large scale and there were very few people that could prevent this. While there are no more youth subject to radicalization there, the damage has already been done.

Thematic presentation of friendship

The presentation of friendship and childhood bonds has been done in a very moving manner. The way the two boys connect to each other during their childhood and remember each other after it is indeed very touching.

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