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Western Literature

Western literature is a widely used term which refers to the vast context of literature that ranges from the ancient days to the modern world. This literature involves languages of the European families which include Spanish, English, Italian, Russian and French. However, the origin of the ordinary literature heritage is Rome and Greece. Besides the involvement of foreign languages such as Latin and Greek, the tradition of the western literature incorporates Slavic, Celtic, Germanic and Romance languages as well as other small language groups who have cultures that are closely related to the western culture.

The ancient Rome and Greece literature heritage was transformed and preserved through the spread of Christianity. After initially been spread across the European countries, the ancient Rome and Greek literature was transmitted to the western hemisphere and other Europeans settlement regions. Western literature exhibits a unity in its subject matter and writing which makes it different from other literature of the world.

Components of Western Literature

Literature is a vast term which has various concepts and descriptions. Generally, literature refers to collection of written context of a specific group, particularly works in the core genres such as drama, epic, novel, lyric and many others. Western literature incorporates such collection of huge context of work, which is frequently studied in small bits like in genre terms, movement of literature, particular cultures or time periods such as medieval literature, epic, American literature, eighteenth century literature and romanticism.

The canon of western literature involves over three thousand groups of literature works, which have been assessed by academics and scholars to be western literature “great works”. This means that, every literature works included in western literature has withstood the test of time and are generally believed to be essential readings within the context of the literature. Literature classification under canonical is quite controversial particular in the manner in which great works in cultural literature is excluded.

Imperfections of Western Literature

However, certain works are hardly ever disputed as the cornerstones of the literature standards. For instance, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Beowulf Homer’s Odyssey, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and James Joyce’s Ulysses are almost universally considered as the western literature great works. Other standard works in the tradition of the western literature includes the works by Dante Alighieri, Aristotle and Miguel de Cervantes and Geoffrey Chaucer.

The idea of western literature is mostly confused with a fiction genre that is usually in novel form and short stories published in western literature. Mostly, western literature involves scouts, lawmen, American Indians and cowboys in the adventurous Wild West literature of nineteenth century. Despite western literature enjoying vast popularity, they have not met the canonical ranks of the western literature.

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